Van Hire – Better Value Than a Used Van?

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In the Commercial Van Hire world, it’s understandable to ask “why should I get a new van when a used one is cheaper and just as reliable?”. There’s a vast market of reasonable priced, functional used vans. With plenty to consider, the question still remains; why indeed would you consider van hire?

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Be Wary of a Van with a Hidden History and Warranty

A new van comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance. If you buy a used one, you might not be so lucky. a second hand dealer will provide you with a short, limited guarantee, or a third-parties mechanical breakdown warranty which are not as reliable.

We’ve all seen the adverts, one in three used vehicles has a hidden history, according to HPI. A used van could still be locked into to a finance agreement, have been involved in a serious accident or have a mileage discrepancy. Not something you’d want to sink your hard-earned money into.

Despite reassurances from a selling dealer, a vehicle which may technically still be under manufacturer’s warranty might later have claims refused. In most cases, claims made after a warranty has expired are never considered.

There’s always a risk with the condition of a used vehicle. A used van could have had multiple drivers, been regularly overloaded, kerbed or not maintained.

Someone Else’s Filth and Damage

It’s likely that a used commercial vehicle will still have hidden grime, dirt and smells. The load bay may well be stained by spillages and the only solution is to replace the ply lining. There’s also a high chance that a used vehicle will have had some pre-existing damage that has been repaired. This wont be an issue when considering van hire.

When buying or leasing a new van, you’ll benefit from main dealer and manufacturer back up. This can include such benefits as 24-hour servicing reducing downtime, and courtesy vehicles.

Technology and Emission Safety

A new van will be equipped with new technology, providing new options for driver convenience and comfort like satellite navigation and improved safety features. A new van will also comply with the latest emission standards, meaning that the new van will be able to enter inner city ‘Clean Air Zones’ without paying additional charges or being refused entry.

Restricted Choice With Used Vehicles

When buying used, you won’t be subject to a great choice of colour, specification or options. Ordering a new van means that it can cater to your requirements. There are many finance options available for new vehicles, often subsidised by the manufacturer. A used dealer is likely to offer simple options from its own provider, offering little choice to the buyer and often at less than competitive interest rates.

Used is not Always Cheaper than Van Hire

In fact, int the past four years prices have reached an all time high. Demand is even surpassing supply for some vans. For those still considering used however, there is a note of caution. Trade sources and industry bodies are predicting a ‘sharp’ correction in values. This is primarily due to an increase in the number of new van registrations resulting in an expected increase in disposal of previously vehicles.